Climate Draft Code of Conduct

The Climate Draft offers a trusted space for climate concerned individuals to connect with climate tech founders, executives, investors, and experts. We specifically seek to foster connections that will accelerate the efforts of companies combating the Climate Crisis.

With that goal in mind, we expect all participants to adhere to the following guiding principles. Please immediately report any violations of these principles or any other concerns to


  • We ask you not to share any other participant's name without permission. We hope you'll be inspired to share that you're participating in the Climate Draft publicly, and we respect anyone's choice not to do so.
  • Everything shared within the Climate Draft, including but not limited to comments made during events, event recordings, and information shared with you by participating companies, is default private unless you receive express written permission to share it publicly.


  • We have zero tolerance for any forms of harassment, aggression, or intimidation of fellow participants. This applies in all forums, including social media.


  • We assume the utmost integrity in all participants and will not tolerate any misrepresentation or any other negative actions.